Conference Table Pads 101

Conference Table Pads 101

Posted by Melinda on 20th Jan 2016

You’ve made the decision to upgrade the look and function of your boardroom or meeting space. How and where do you begin? There are a few things to consider that will help define your needs and in turn, determine the products that are best suited for your office. Let’s take a look…

Clarifying how often your room is used is a great starting point. Will your table be put into service daily or is that space reserved for occasional use? If you know your conference room will see visitors regularly, our heavy hitter Conference Table Pads will be your best bet. Rooms that are used from time to time are well suited for our Table Mats.

How the room is utilized and what type of equipment is used on the table are other factors worth considering. If laptops and binders are the norm, our firm core Conference Table Pads will be the surest means to protect your table. They’ll do double duty over business lunches too. If dining is the primary activity in your meeting space, then our collection of Placemats might be your preference. The premium leatherette material is easy to wipe or dry. This pad was once used almost exclusively in dining rooms, but the low-profile and cushioned feel have made our Placemats a versatile option on conference tables as well.

Lastly, style and size are factors as well. Certainly both should complement your furniture and decor. Our most popular conference room accessory, the Conference Table Pads is offered in multiple sizes to suit the needs of tables large and small. The seamless wrapped edge style is a classic profile which has proven to blend in any environment. If you prefer the look of a stitched edge, Placemats and Table Mats will provide several options to consider.

View our Pad Comparison Guide for more details & applications for each pad style, and be sure to check our Conference Table Renderings to see various pad sizes on standard conference tables. Need some guidance? Our knowledgeable staff has been helping organizations create great meeting spaces since 1999. Give us a call, we're happy to help you find the perfect accessories for your needs!

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