Lime Green Conference Room Accessories

Lime Green Conference Room Accessories

Posted by Melinda on 12th Mar 2016

A customer called after seeing our Lime Green Table Mats. The color seemed as though it would match the chairs in their conference room, but they weren’t sure which pad style would be the best fit. We sent the customer sample pads and swatches of the lime green leatherette material. After a firsthand look, the customer decided that the lime green color was a great match and the design of the Table Mat was their preferred style. After browsing our line, they decided they also wanted matching coasters and a holder to store all of their accessories when not in use.

Lime green table mats to match chairs

Since neither the coasters nor holder are stock items, we created a quote to produce these custom products using the lime green colored leatherette. The decision was made to decorate the table mats and coasters with their logo. PDF mockups were created to show the logo to scale on these items. After the proofs were approved and the order was placed, production on the custom items was initiated.

Custom table mats on conference table

The end result was a custom conference room accessory solution that truly enhanced their meeting room, both in function and design. The mats and coasters protect the surface of the table while elegantly reflecting their brand to their guests and colleagues. The holder is left on the credenza, to neatly store the pads and coasters when not in use.

Custom lime green coasters and holder

If your meeting spaces need an upgrade but you're having trouble finding the right accessory products, get in touch with us! We'd love to consult with you to create the perfect work environments your needs, either with our great selection of stock items or with custom products created just for you!