10 Seat Black Bonded Leather Conference Room Accessory Set

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Give your meeting space the perfect finishing touch.

  • Must-have accents for your conference room
  • Great style and utility
  • Unbeatable durability at a value price point

Mona Lisa's smile. The Big Mac's special sauce. Abraham Lincoln's beard. Genesis's Phil Collins. Many of the things we encounter every day just wouldn't be the same without their signature finishing touch. It's the difference between a bowl of ice cream and a delicious banana split. Your conference room is no exception to the rule! Take a look at your meeting facilities. Odds are that nothing is blatantly wrong, missing, or out of place; yet most conference rooms tend to feel a bit impersonal, generic, and unfinished. They are lacking that last piece, the finishing touch that pulls everything together and gives the room its very own identity. If an unfinished conference room is lurking in your office, don't fret. We're extremely proud to present you with the solution, the missing link that is keeping your adequate meeting spaces from being great!

In one fell swoop, bring your conference room out of its identity crisis with this complete 23-piece accessory set! These sets are crafted with a high-quality bonded leather, chosen to provide much of the durability and aesthetic quality of leather at a great price. Purchasing conference accessories in a complete set means no more worries about colors and materials matching, everything just works together perfectly. This set includes 10 of our very popular 17x14 inch table pads and 12 matching coasters. A coordinating leather holder unit is also included, designed to keep the pads and coasters stored neatly when not in use. When you see these items on your table, the value proposition is beyond dispute. From the details like the radius corners and wrapped leather edges to the tough-as-nails internal structure, these pads and coasters are anything but run-of-the-mill. Your meeting attendees will be given a superior writing surface that also keeps expensive tables safe from bumps and scratches. Laptop use, heavy writing, and working lunches are no problem for these conference table pads. The easy-to-clean surface and rigid internal structure mean that this set will be keeping your conference room protected and looking great for many years to come.

Finishing touches aren't one size fits all!

Your organization is unique, and your accessory and organizational solution should be too! We've got the tools to help you leverage your identity and brand in all of your meeting spaces. Our logo imprinting services are the perfect way to eliminate the generic look and feel of a conference facility. With your logo debossed into the leather surface of our products, you can be sure that your brand message is always front-and-center on your conference table. We make the process easy, fast, and economical. Call our experienced staff today, we absolutely love to consult with our customers to create the perfect solution for your needs!

Warranty Information

Warranty Information

Manufacturer's Limited 5yr Warranty


18 in x 15 in x 4 in


The true black color is even and contains no color gradients. The surface has a subtle leather grain and is smooth to the touch. The moderate sheen adds to the high-end look.


Bonded Leather

Bottom Material

Protective Velveteen

Material Description

Bonded Leather – is a manmade product using leather pieces that are bonded together to form a sheet used for production. This option provides the durability of leather at a lesser price point.

Care & Cleaning

For weekly care, use a watered down mild liquid dish soap. Dampen a cloth and wipe the item, then follow with a dry cloth to remove any moisture. A conditioning leather cleaner should be used 2-4 times a year for deeper cleaning.

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Black Bonded Leather
Bonded Leather
Pad Size:
17 x 14
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Without Rails