Leather Desk Pads

Best Desk Blotters & Desk Pads

Desk blotters act as protective pads against the unwanted stains and marks on the table which would arise due to the writing or electronic devices. The desk blotter pad keeps the desktop tidy while providing an executive look to the office space.

In a corporate environment, a leather desk pad is highly preferred as it maintains a sort of professionalism in the room. Our blotter pads can be imprinted with your logo so your clients will see your brand front and center every time they visit.

Speaking of the convenience, Desk blotters ensure that a perfect surface is available to the writers. Writing with a blotter beneath helps to provide more cushsion then a hardwood desktop allowing for a wider line of ink and less fatique for the writer. A feeling of professionalism can be experienced while writing on top of a fine leather desk pad.

We at The Elegant Office, provide blotters and pads of the best quality, all with top rated reviews. There is a diverse range of sizes, colors, ands styles for you to buy from. Our sizes range from extra large desk pads to small leather blotters. A great selection of classic colors is sure to offer a color needed for your interior space. If you need any assistance in finding the right desk pad for you please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

You can even buy a blotter paper refills for your leather desk pad which gives your a nice surface for writing important notes that you need visible at all times. We offer a pack of 5 sheets of premium quality paper.