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Table Pad Comparison

                        3 Styles Ideal for Boardroom Use

            Conference Table Pads are the most popular and long-
            lasting pads that we offer for the boardroom setting. The
            rigid core provides a superior writing surface, as well
            as enhances the durability to support laptop usage and
            foodservice. The finished product reflects a high-end
            look and feel that’s second to none. Conference Table
            Pads are the best choice if you need uncompromising
            table protection in a multi-use meeting facility.

            Our Placemat selection fills the needs of those outfitting a
            facility that will see frequent foodservice or for those who
            prefer a slightly slimmer profile mat. These are designed
            to protect your table surfaces from the rigors of dining
            while adding a rich, luxurious look to your room. Because
            our placemats are pliable, they have a lower profile and
            softer, more cushioned surface.

            Blotters help to provide another style option that is well
            suited to those who prefer a more traditional look in their
            meeting spaces. The top-grain leather side rails have a
            cushioned feel and provide a rich location to decorate
            with your logo.  The leatherette writing surface is smooth
            and durable.  The firm core design assures no curling for
            years of use.

                        Conference Table Pads             Placemats         Blotters


           Materials   Top-Grain Leather & Leatherette                             Textured Leatherette      Top-Grain Leather
                                                                                & Leatherette
           Custom Sizes
           & Colors    Available                                     Available                      Not Available
           Durability  Best                                          Better            Best
           Shipping    Yes                                           Yes                Yes
           Logo Imprinting  Available                                Available          Available
           PermaFlat Core  Yes                                       No                Yes
           Warranty    5 Years                                                  2 Years           1 Year

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