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How to Revive Your Home and Workspace

Posted by Carrie- 29th March 2024

Discover the power of transformation within your home and home office with insightful strategies designed to foster both productivity and relaxation. As we delve into the art of refreshing your environment, it becomes clear that simple changes can lead to profound impacts on your daily living and work efficiency. From the strategic arrangement of furniture to the adoption of modern conveniences and aesthetic enhancements, each modification serves as a stepping stone toward a revitalized space that encourages creativity and comfort. Ready to jump in? Let this article shared by The Elegant Office help!

Rethink Your Space with Strategic Arrangement

A new arrangement of furniture can breathe life into familiar surroundings, offering a fresh perspective that rejuvenates both mind and space. Consider how the orientation of your furniture can alter the room's dynamics, encouraging a flow of ideas and energy.This simple yet effective change can transform your living and work areas into hubs of inspiration and functionality, proving that sometimes, a new view is all it takes to spark creativity.

Maximizing Efficiency with Smart Home Solutions

Utilizing a home maintenance and repair app can significantly streamline the process of keeping your home in top condition. With the right app, homeowners have the convenience of quickly scheduling service appointments, tracking the progress of repairs, and accessing detailed information about their home's systems and appliances among the available services. Additionally, these apps offer direct access to service professionals, enabling users to easily obtain quotes for any repairs or maintenance work needed, ensuring that help is just a few taps away for any home care needs.

Sanctuary of Serenity: Bathroom Elegance

The transformation of your bathroom into a haven of tranquility can significantly enhance your well-being. By updating the tiles, you invite an atmosphere of modern sophistication that elevates your daily rituals into moments of luxury. This not only improves the visual appeal of your space but also contributes to a serene environment where relaxation and rejuvenation are paramount.

Lighting: The Key to Ambiance and Productivity

Illuminating your home and office with upgraded fixtures can dramatically affect both your mood and your work efficiency. Modern lighting solutions offer versatility and style, adapting to the needs of various tasks while enhancing the overall ambiance of your space. This strategic update can lead to improved focus and a more pleasant environment, showcasing the impact of proper lighting.

Innovative Storage for Clutter-Free Living

Embracing creative storage solutions is essential for maintaining a tidy and efficient workspace and living area. By optimizing your storage, you minimize clutter and free up space, making your environment more conducive to productivity and relaxation. Whether through multi-functional furniture or bespoke shelving, these innovations can transform how you interact with your space, leading to a more organized and enjoyable lifestyle.

Windows Dressed in Sophistication

The addition of elegant curtains or sheers can significantly enhance the privacy and aesthetic appeal of your home and office. Beyond their practical function of light control, they serve as decorative elements that add a layer of sophistication and style. Choosing the right window treatments can transform the feel of a room, making it more inviting and reflective of your personal taste.

Artistic Flair: A Source of Inspiration

Incorporating new artwork into your spaces is a testament to the power of visual inspiration. Art not only beautifies your environment but also serves as a source of creativity and contemplation. Selecting pieces that resonate with you personally can turn your living and work areas into galleries of inspiration, enriching your daily experience with visual interest and cultural depth.

In embarking on the journey to refresh your home and home office, you engage in an act of renewal that touches every aspect of your living and working environment. Through thoughtful changes in layout, décor, and functionality, you create spaces that not only meet your needs but also inspire and uplift. This holistic approach to transformation ensures that your refreshed spaces are not just aesthetically pleasing but are also havens of productivity, creativity, and tranquility, harmoniously blending the best of both worlds.

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Double the Challenge, Double the Success Navigating a Home-Based Business Launch and Move with Ease

Posted by Carrie- 07th February 2024
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Image via Freepik

Launching a home-based business while orchestrating a move presents a unique set of challenges that demand strategic foresight and meticulous organization. The confluence of personal and professional upheaval requires a thoughtful approach to ensure both endeavors start on solid ground.

Tackling this double feat with efficiency sets the stage for long-term success and satisfaction in your entrepreneurial journey and your new home environment. In this article, we explore some essential strategies for facilitating a smooth transition on both fronts.

Determine How Much Space You Need

As you prepare to move, it's crucial to consider the spatial needs of your home-based business. A dedicated workspace that fosters concentration and productivity is not just desirable but essential.

The search for the right space should prioritize functionality and allow for a seamless blend of work and home life. Whether it's a quiet corner for a desk or a full room for operations, defining this space early sets the foundation for your business's growth.

Find the Right Home

Evaluate the potential each space offers for your business operations when selecting your new abode. It's a balance of finding a place that feels like home and also serves as an economical choice for your business budget. Prioritize locations that offer the flexibility to adapt as your business evolves, while also considering the logistics of client accessibility (if necessary).

Get Efficient Business Tools

In today’s business landscape, the technology you invest in can be the cornerstone of operational efficiency and innovation. Opting for advanced technology like 3D design tools not only enhances product visualization but also streamlines the prototyping process.

This integration of sophisticated software can significantly reduce development time and cost, propelling businesses ahead of the competition. This may be a good option if you’re looking to bolster your market presence with cutting-edge product offerings.

Consider Getting Additional Training

Supplementing a business launch with ongoing education, such as earning a bachelor's degree, can be a strategic investment. For instance, if you plan on offering IT services, you may want to explore the field of computer science with a bachelor's degree to get formal credentials for web design fundamentals, Java programming, software architecture, and more. Pursuing higher education at your own pace offers an opportunity to deepen your expertise and knowledge, laying a solid foundation for the business while expanding capabilities to meet evolving industry demands. This continual learning process equips entrepreneurs with a competitive edge and versatility, enhancing the prospects for success and long-term growth in their business endeavors.

Consider Your Monthly Expenses

Navigating the financial waters of a move and business launch requires a keen eye for budgeting. Delineating your expenses, from moving trucks to office equipment, ensures no financial detail is overlooked. This approach not only streamlines the transition but also lays a stable financial groundwork for your business, avoiding unnecessary fiscal strain from the outset.

Take Time to Organize the Move

A structured move can be the cornerstone of a successful home business setup. Plan meticulously by packing non-essentials first and keeping important documents readily accessible. Scheduling each phase of the move can mitigate the stress of relocation and keep you on track with your personal and business timelines.

Make an Effective Business Plan

A business plan acts as a roadmap for your entrepreneurial journey to guide every decision and strategic move. This document is vital, outlining goals, market analysis, and financial projections, ensuring that every aspect of your business is meticulously planned and accounted for. A well-crafted plan helps you secure funding while providing clarity and direction.

Opt for a Practical Marketing Strategy

Marketing your home-based business need not be an elaborate affair; simplicity often resonates more effectively. Designing a plan that clearly communicates your brand to your intended audience is crucial. Utilize digital platforms to reach a broader audience and engage them with your business’s unique value proposition.

Set Up Your Home Office

Setting up a functional home office is pivotal when launching a home-based business, ensuring a productive and organized workspace. Acquiring essentials like a leather desk pad not only adds sophistication but also protects surfaces while providing a smooth writing surface. A conference room organizer tray helps manage clutter by neatly storing documents and supplies, promoting an efficient workflow. Additionally, a cell phone holder keeps devices accessible and secure, allowing for seamless multitasking while maintaining a professional and tidy workspace. These simple yet practical items contribute to a conducive work environment, fostering focus and efficiency as entrepreneurs embark on their home-based business journey. Get everything you need for your home office at The Elegant Office!

Manage Your Time

With the freedom of working from home comes the challenge of managing your time effectively. Establish routines that separate work from personal time and stick to them. Employ strategies that bolster efficiency, such as task batching or time blocking, to keep every hour of your workday productive.

Final Thoughts

Mastering the dual tasks of moving and initiating a home-based business is no small feat, yet with the right approach, these processes can reinforce each other rather than compete. The strategies outlined are designed not just to cope with the immediate challenges but to lay down a resilient foundation for the future.

As you address every aspect from the physical move to the business setup with intention and focus, you’ll see a harmonious blend of a new living space that supports and enhances the vision of your budding entrepreneurial venture. Through disciplined planning and proactive organization, transforming your spaces and ambitions can be a seamless journey toward sustainable growth and success.

Accessories in The White House

Updated by Max - 20th Dec 2023

The White House Situation Room, or as known by its official title "the John F. Kennedy Conference Room", is one of America’s most historic meeting places and intelligence centers. When this busy, mission-critical meeting facility needed conference table accessories, they chose our Black Leather Conference Table Pads. Our pads were installed in the room during the first major renovation of the Situation Room in 2007, and we are very proud that they have served 4 consecutive U.S. Presidents since then without being replaced!

The Situation Room was founded in 1961 per the orders of then-president John F. Kennedy to combat the lack of credible information the United States had available during the Bay of Pigs incident. During the room's construction, it had secure communications systems installed that provide live audio, video and other forms of communication. The Situation Room also features some of the most dedicated staffers our country has to offer, tasked with keeping watch on certain sectors of the globe around the clock to keep the White House updated on national security matters or significant worldwide events.

There have only been two major renovations of the White House Situation Room, the first taking place from 2006 to 2007. It was a massive project and after its conclusion allowed the Situation Room to not only house the National Security Council but also the Department of Homeland Security and the White House Chief of Staff’s office. These changes also helped to update security and communications technology. Pre-renovation, the Situation Room used technology rooted in the year 1985 which could lead to misinformation or a breakdown in communication in today’s digital age. The room was completely rebuilt from top to bottom, both due to the amount of archaic technology blocking the way of new technology being implemented, but also so they could have a much easier time renovating in years to come.

In May of 2007, the newly renovated Situation Room was unveiled, including a beautiful main conference table accessorized with our Black Leather Conference Table Pads. Since then, they’ve been in-use protecting the meeting table from the daily wear and tear of the operations of this busy, pivotal conference facility. The Situation Room hosts roughly 25 regularly-scheduled conferences a day, with approximately 250 regular attendees.

A second major renovation was conducted in September of 2023. The 5,500-square-foot, highly secure complex of conference rooms and offices in the West Wing underwent a renovation that took 1 year and $50 million dollars to complete. And yet again, our conference table pads are still in use and well on display.

It's a testament to the longevity and durability of the Dacasso Black Leather 17 x 14 Conference Table Pad to be in near constant use throughout 4 presidencies without being replaced. It is truly an honor to have our conference room accessories used in one of the highest-profile offices in the land, and we'd love to bring the same level of function and beauty to your conference facility!

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Posted by Carrie- 29th September 2023
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Image via Pexels

Using Data Analytics To Skyrocket Your Business

These days, businesses have endless opportunities to improve their operations via technology. Data analytics is one such innovation your company can use to gain valuable insight that would have otherwise been unattainable. Below, The Elegant Office explores how data analytics can take your organization to the next level when it comes to managing risks, making better decisions, improving the customer experience, and more.

Manage your risks more effectively.

One of the biggest advantages of data analytics is that it helps you to better manage your risks by identifying potential threats early on. Whether you’re dealing with cyber threats or financial risks, you can use data to pinpoint vulnerabilities and take corrective measures in a timely manner. Data analytics can also help you monitor and assess risks more accurately, which can prove critical to your organization's long-term success.

Make wiser decisions with a Center of Excellence.

Another benefit of data analytics is that it can help your business and make more informed decisions. Drawing insights from your data, you can better understand your customers, business environment, and internal operations.

Ultimately, as Tableau notes, you’ll be armed with the knowledge necessary to make strategic decisions that are grounded in objective data instead of subjective assumptions, which is where a Center of Excellence (CoE) is important. A comprehensive CoE leverages new technologies like AI and machine learning in data analysis, fostering continuous improvement and innovation. The intent is to spur innovation, best practices, and knowledge sharing across the business. When looking for a robust CoE management solution, you may consider this option.

Personalize the customer experience.

Providing a personalized customer experience can be a game-changer in today’s hyper-competitive business landscape. Data analytics can reveal customer preferences, behaviors, and pain points so that you can tailor your products or services to meet the individual needs of your customers. Surprisingly, this can quickly lead to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty!

A unified customer data platform is the perfect tool to get a comprehensive understanding of your customers and personalize their experience. From gathering customer data from multiple sources to managing that data effectively, a CDP can help you create an efficient and effective workflow.

When selecting a CDP, seek features like user-friendly dashboards and advanced analytics capabilities, as well as the ability to integrate with other tools to track and measure data. Above all, choose a CDP that meets your specific business objectives for the best possible outcome.

Bolster security.

Data analytics is also a powerful tool for bolstering your business’s cybersecurity. Security Magazine points out that analyzing data allows you to detect and prevent cyberattacks proactively. Plus, you can monitor user behavior, identify anomalous activity, and respond to threats quickly, significantly reducing your company's risk of data breaches and protecting sensitive information.

You’ll want to prioritize minimizing coding errors to prevent data loss. Coding errors can result in significant data loss due to errors such as bugs or a system crash. When you or your team are charged with coding, you can improve your coding by exploring sites with expert tips and help for troubleshooting specific error messages, such as

Develop better products.

Are you looking to innovate and create better products that meet your customers' needs? Data analytics is your best friend!

You can analyze customer feedback, reviews, and other data sources for insight into what your customers want and where your current products may be falling short. Having this knowledge available can prove invaluable when it comes time to develop customer-centric products or address underserved markets.

Optimize your workflows.

Any business can optimize its workflows and processes to become more efficient and cost-effective when they harness the right data analytics tools. You can discover the answer to the most important questions about your workflow — from discovering areas of improvement to predicting outcomes. Understanding which tasks require the most time will help you to better focus your resources on where they’re most needed.

Moreover, you can analyze data trends to anticipate changes in demand and make decisions faster. Equipping your team with the proper data analytics tools will revolutionize the way you run your business.

Ensure your office is comfortable and productive.

Lastly, you need to ensure that your office or workspace is comfortable and productive; otherwise, getting started with data analytics (or any business ventures) will be a lot harder than it should be. Creating a comfortable and productive workspace is vital for enhancing work efficiency and boosting morale. To achieve this, you can start by integrating ergonomic furniture, which offers better support and ensures a healthier posture during long working hours. Lighting plays a pivotal role too; adjustable or natural lighting can reduce eye strain and improve focus. Personal touches, such as plants, can enhance the air quality and lend a soothing ambiance.

The Elegant Office offers a wide range of premium office accessories that can elevate the look and feel of your workspace. From their luxurious leather desk pads to high-quality desk accessories and organizers, they help in keeping the workspace tidy while adding a touch of sophistication. Incorporating a combination of functional elements with aesthetic touches ensures that the office is not just a place for work but also a comfortable environment.

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, data analytics can be a game-changer for your business by helping you stay ahead of the curve. Whether you’re hoping to better manage your risks, make informed decisions, bolster your security, or accomplish any of the other goals above, data analytics can help you get there.

Remember to find the best customer data platform for your needs and take time to research other tools that can equip your team for success. Your company will transform its operations and gain a competitive edge before you know it!

Startup Details Can Be Fussy: Tackle the Boring Stuff First

Posted by Carrie- 29th March 2023
Survive Winter Blues

Starting a business is a lot of work. Some of it is exciting, like coming up with a killer business idea and naming your company. But there’s also a lot of boring, unsexy stuff that needs to be taken care of before you can even open your doors for business. Things like securing funding, applying for licenses and permits, and setting up your accounting and payroll - yawn.

But boring doesn’t mean unimportant! In fact, taking care of the boring stuff is essential to the success of your business. So in this blog post, The Elegant Office presents some of the less exciting aspects of starting a business and what you need to do to get them taken care of. Let’s get started!

Raise the Capital

One of the first things you need to do when starting a business is to secure funding. This can be done through a variety of means, such as taking out loans, finding investors, or using personal savings.

Whichever route you decide, it’s important to make sure that you have a solid plan in place for how you will use the funds and how you will repay them (if necessary). This will not only give you peace of mind but will also make it easier to secure the funding you need.

You'll Need Licenses and Permits

Next up on our list of boring but essential things you need to do when starting a business is apply for any licenses or permits that may be required, explains Volusion. The specific licenses and permits you need will depend on the type of business you are starting and where you are located. To get started, contact your local Chamber of Commerce or Small Business Administration office for more information. They will be able to point you in the right direction and help you avoid any costly mistakes.

Register as an LLC

Now it's time to choose a business designation. Should you go with a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or corporation? One factor to consider is personal liability. If you choose a sole proprietorship or partnership, you and your business are one and the same legally. That means that if your business is sued, your personal assets are at risk. On the other hand, if you choose an LLC or corporation, your personal assets are not at risk because the business is considered its own entity.

Another factor to consider is taxes. With a sole proprietorship or partnership, your business income is taxed as personal income. But with an LLC or corporation, your business income is taxed as corporate income, which is often lower than personal income tax rates. There are many factors to consider when choosing a business designation, but liability and taxes are two important considerations. Talk to an accountant or lawyer to learn more about which designation is right for you and your business. Then use a registered agent to ease the process of formation for you.

Organize Accounting and Payroll

Now that you have secured funding and applied for any necessary licenses and permits, it’s time to set up your accounting and payroll systems. This may seem like a daunting task, but luckily, there are plenty of resources available to help you get started. If possible, we recommend working with an accountant or bookkeeper who can help set up your system and offer ongoing support as needed. They will be familiar with all the ins and outs and can save you valuable time and money in the long run.

Set Up a Physical Location

Now we’re getting into the more interesting stuff. It’s fun to see your idea come to life in a storefront, restaurant, office building – or even a designated home office. It’s important that your physical building is easy to find and that it reflects your business, so consider this option: beautiful cut metal signs for your business’s name or address. You can choose from a variety of metals, from copper to aluminum and Cor-Ten steel.

As you set up your office space, choose quality desk accessories, like desk pads and blotters from The Elegant Office. And a beautiful business card holder will make you feel like a successful entrepreneur in no time!

Develop a Marketing Plan

The final item on our list is creating a marketing strategy. Even if you have the best product or service in the world, it won’t matter if no one knows about it! That’s where marketing comes in. Engage Bay explains, there are many different marketing channels available these days, so it’s important to choose the ones that make sense for your business and budget. Some popular options include social media, email marketing, content marketing, paid advertisements, and PR. Once again, we recommend enlisting the help of professionals if possible – they will be able to advise you on which channels are likely to be most effective for your particular business goals.

Get the Boring Stuff Out of the Way

As we hope this blog post has demonstrated, there’s more to starting a business than just having a great idea! There are also a lot of boring but essential tasks that need to be taken care of first. But don’t let that discourage you – if you take care of the “boring stuff” upfront, it will put you in a good position for long-term success.

5 Tips to Help You Survive the Winter Blues While Working From Home

Posted by Carrie- 1st February 2023
Survive Winter Blues

Working from home during the wintertime can be extremely convenient. Not only can you avoid dealing with the frigid morning air, not having to clean inches of snow off your car, or leaving work when it’s pitch black outside, but you also gain time back in your day that was otherwise spent on those tasks. However, working from home does come with its own set of challenges. It’s important to prioritize healthy habits and boundaries during these chilly months to avoid cabin fever and declining mental health.

If you’re struggling to shake winter blues while working from home, then read on for helpful tips to get you through the next few months.

Go Outside

It may not be tempting to leave the warmth of your house, especially with colder weather, however, make it a point to leave your home at least once a day for some much-needed vitamin D. When you work from home, it’s easy to miss out on sunlight exposure, which can affect your mental health. Vitamin D is important because it acts as a mood regulator and can promote better overall health.

Take daily walks to your favorite coffee shops or even around the block for a quick trip. If you’re struggling to exercise because of a lack of motivation or the weather, then use this as your daily movement. Walking is a beneficial form of exercise that can make a huge impact on your overall health. Regardless of how you’re moving your body, what matters is you’re prioritizing going outside and getting sunlight exposure, which is a great treatment for anyone dealing with seasonal affective disorder. You will come back to work re-energized and happier.

Don’t Work From Bed

Although it might be tempting to get up and immediately start working from bed, stay clear of falling into that trap. Not only does it blur the lines between your work time and personal time, but working from bed decreases your sleep quality. Having a well-adjusted sleep cycle is crucial to your health but even more so during the winter months. To create a more definitive line between your work life balance, designate your own work-from-home space. This can be as simple as dedicating a small space in your home, like a room, a corner of a room, or a nook, where you can set up a desk and office desktop storage.

Separating your workspace from the rest of your home will help you get into work mode with minimized distractions. All you need to get started is a desk and a chair. However, if you’re working from home permanently and want something with more privacy then consider renovating to create a dedicated office. Turning an unused room, basement, or garage into your very own elegant office can improve your focus and productivity while also increasing the value of your home. If you’re not sure if you have the budget to make a major renovation, then refinancing your home with 30-year mortgage rates is a great way to lower monthly payments and add more money to upcoming projects. You can also ask your employer if they offer any work from home stipends.

Decorate Your Space

Now that you have your office space, it’s time to add some life to it. Adding elegant desk accessories will personalize your space and get you excited to work. Start by decluttering any unnecessary stuff you might be holding onto with a desktop organizer set or desk organizer trays. Look into adding some office furniture if you have the space available. Don’t be afraid to add vibrant colors throughout the office, like your desk accessories sets, area rug, or artwork.

Your office should be a reflection of your personality, so if you love greenery, then add some easy to care for plants and make sure your desk faces a window with good sunlight. While decorating should be fun and full of aesthetically pleasing features, make sure you’re also adding desk organizers and accessories that are functional. If you’re someone who needs to get better at organization or keeping on top of tasks and events, then add a calendar to your desk to help monitor important dates and times in your schedule. Creating a conducive work environment is key to promoting productivity and also creativity.

Set Goals

Work, like most things in life, can get mundane from time to time, which can be challenging during the colder months. A lack of motivation with a dose of low energy can make the workday feel daunting. A simple yet effective way to help you get through the day is by setting goals. Goal setting can keep you accountable throughout your day and help you feel fulfilled when accomplished.

Don’t solely focus on setting big goals, remember small goals are easily achieved on a regular basis, and will help you get through the day-to-day easier. Setting short-term goals also helps minimize procrastination. Even setting goals like cleaning your office space or making sure to restock on pens can leave you feeling accomplished. Setting goals will help you stay focused and motivated through those difficult days.

Stay Social

Working from home has many benefits, however, if you’re not careful you might find yourself turning into a hermit. Although there is nothing wrong with some time alone, make sure you’re not isolating your friends and family, as that can cause increased feelings of loneliness and depression. Finding time to socialize outside of your Zoom meetings can be challenging, so don’t be afraid to schedule time with your friends or loved ones, whether that be a phone date, Zoom calls, or meeting them in person. Socializing increases dopamine, which sends positive signals to your brain and wards off negative feelings.

If you want to focus on building some relationships with your team at work, then host a happy hour via Zoom. Spend time playing icebreakers or just sharing highs and lows from your week. Don’t be afraid to reach out to those you want to befriend or network with, ask about virtual or in-person seminars, and remember stepping out of your comfort zone will help you and your mental health in the long run. Winter isn’t forever, as long as you are trying to make positive changes in your life, then the positivity will come. There is no one size fits all solution to getting yourself out of a rut, but with trial and error and a brand-new office space, you will definitely feel ready for anything.

Simple Strategies to Stay on Top of Your Remote Work Wellness

Posted by Carrie- 29th November 2022
Remote Work Wellness

Working from home was just a dream for many people until modern conveniences expanded the options. While you save on travel time and expenses, your health can take a hit from the adjustment because of sedentary routines and isolation. Today The Elegant Office shares some remote work wellness recommendations to help you stay in shape.

Transform Your Office Space

Room layout and design either increase or decrease your stress, so consider your home office setup to determine if it's wrecking your mental health. Your office should be quiet with adequate lighting. Studies in color psychology indicate that the hues surrounding you can alter your mood, and scents have long been connected to stress.

Another vital stress-busting tip is to keep your technology up to date so that you're not losing valuable time or stressing out over avoidable problems. Invest in computer hardware with sufficient processing power to minimize lags and crashes. Purchase a backup battery or uninterruptible power supply, so you have time to save your work during a power outage.

Create an ergonomic arrangement so that you don't strain yourself. A comfortable chair that supports good posture is crucial. Ensure your monitor sits at a comfortable height for viewing with an adjustable desk or a stand. Protect your wrists with an ergonomic keyboard. If you do a lot of typing, mechanical keyboards are preferable.

Lastly, don’t forget those items that add functionality to your office. In addition to picking up a new home office desk pad, a nice tape dispenser, or even a letter opener from The Elegant Office to keep nearby. A well-stocked office will go a long way toward keeping you productive.

Stick to a Schedule

You will be more consistently productive when you have set start and stop times each day. Breaks should be scheduled periodically for a moment to refresh and not left to chance. When you only take reprieves on a whim, you can find yourself traveling down a rabbit hole of scrolling social media and watching an endless succession of online videos. Use a timer to keep yourself on track.

Once the day is done, dedicate time to yourself and your family without distraction. Remind everyone to respect your workday and not interrupt you. In turn, honor your relationships and attend to your family without work interruptions.

Stay Physically Active

Though you have a sit-down job, your lifestyle shouldn't become sedentary. Incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Adults should get 30 minutes of moderate activity daily, so take a walk around the neighborhood after dinner, jump on your exercise bike during work breaks, or sign up with an online personal trainer. Staying active keeps your body and your mind sharp.

Don't Neglect Your Hobbies

Your creativity and productivity suffer when you don't give your mind a rest from work or unique challenges. If your pastimes have fallen by the wayside, schedule time to hone a new skill, such as:

  • Learning to play a new song on an instrument
  • Mastering a new drawing technique
  • Woodworking on a craft
  • Refining your own secret recipe for a dish
  • Make Sure You're in the Right Job

    Just because you've finally landed in a remote work situation doesn't mean you're in the optimal scenario. Don't hesitate to look for greener pastures if your company doesn't align with your values or is overly demanding or uninspiring. Begin by using this builder tool to update your resume and get an advantage over the competition by highlighting your skills as persuasively as possible. After all, reports show that job-hopping can lead to the most significant salary increases. So stay active on remote job boards like letsworkremotely where you can find a place to apply your talents to a field that better suits you.

    Assess the dangers of remote work and face them head-on by attending to your physical, mental, and emotional health. Then working from home can remain the excellent lifestyle you always imagined.

    Although the world of online retail has changed significantly, The Elegant Office still believes in providing superior customer service. Call 866-433-7573.

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    How to Juggle Motherhood and a New Business Like a Pro

    Posted by Carrie- 28th April 2022

    Perhaps you've always seen yourself as becoming a mompreneur one day and now that you're finally a mom you've been given the chance to embrace the title fully. That said, starting a business when you've just had a baby is a lot! Here we reveal how to juggle both roles like a pro.

    Enhance your workspace and protect your desk with desk pads from The Elegant Office!

    Technology can make life easier

    If you've just welcomed a child, then you'll know that the days seem to go by in a blur. And if you happen to run a business at the same time, it can start to feel like you're in one mad rush from start to finish. However, it's easy to fall into the trap of what is known as guilty mom syndrome because you may feel too busy as a business owner to fully absorb those precious milestones. When you're finding it difficult to achieve a balance between being an entrepreneur and a new mom, there are tools available online that can help you manage both more efficiently. For example, Parent Cue is an app you can use to capture those special moments with your child. Winnie is another app that helps you stay connected with other moms to share ideas with one another and bounce ideas off each other.

    On the business side of things, there are apps that can help you with better time management, like Toggl for example. And if you need to create Facebook ads for your business, you can start with a Facebook ad template which you can customize to your needs by adding your own logo, design elements, and colors.

    Technology can make life easier

    Perhaps you can't bear the thought of being away from your little one for too long. But you know that you also have to do work to be able to provide for their future. In this case, you could think about setting up a play area or nursery in or as close to your office as possible , so you can keep a close eye on them at all times. If your child is not yet crawling, this is, obviously, easier to accomplish. However, it's when they start to crawl or stand that this becomes more of a challenge. That said, there are many baby-friendly accessories that can keep your child entertained for quite some time such as playmats, walkers, rockers, and more.

    Hiring help when you need it

    Suppose you can see that your business is going to require you to be more hands-on in the beginning stages, then perhaps the best thing to do is hire help for those times when you're at your busiest. Whether it's a trusted friend or family member or a professional au pair, having someone available to help out when you can't get to everything yourself could be just the thing you need to help you cope with the day better.

    Be adaptable to change

    Raising a child means no two days are the same. Therefore, you'll have to be more open to things not always going according to plan. Children also tend to inspire you in different ways by opening your eyes up to new possibilities and new ways of doing things. Suppose you've just discovered a new business opportunity that has stemmed from being a mom. In this case, you could register your current business as a DBA which allows you to sell products or services under a different name should you wish to do so and is also a convenient way to register your new business if you can't find a suitable domain for it in the meantime. In summary, becoming a parent is a life-changing moment with rewards that are beyond comparison. Starting your own business has its perks too! And with the right mindset, tools, and help at your disposal, there's really no reason why you can't do both excellently!

    Top Apps for Entrepreneurs

    Posted by Carrie- 21st March 2022

    For business owners, an ergonomic chair, a comfortable desk and beautiful desk accessories are must-haves when it comes to laying the foundation for productivity and focus.

    However, technology is also a major piece of the puzzle, and by tapping into a variety of apps and online tools, you can easily organize files, collaborate with staff, and improve communication. Many of these apps are free or charge a small fee for added features. Here's a list of top apps for entrepreneurs and small business owners.


    Grammarly is one of the best grammar checking apps to help ensure work is free of mistakes. Its simple interface makes it easy even for those who aren't great with punctuation and other grammar-specific issues. Grammarly offers different modes depending on what's being written, so it can help with friendly emails and documents for negotiations.


    Social media is necessary for most businesses. Keeping up with accounts and posts can be challenging. Hootsuite is one of the top social apps for entrepreneurs. It allows the user to schedule posts ahead of time and monitors multiple accounts in one place.


    Slack helps entrepreneurs and business owners collaborate with their teams. It's a chat app that lets users share most file types, from presentations to videos. Slack's search function makes it easy to find the information the user needs across all their chats, which is especially helpful when employees work across several time zones.

    Google Drive

    Google Drive makes it simple to share everything from presentations and spreadsheetsto images and PDFs. The app keeps everything in one place, including the option to upload and store files. It also allows users to access and edit their work from any device, which is especially helpful for those who work on the go.


    Boomerang can help small business owners and entrepreneurs with their email. It allows users to schedule messages to be sent when it's most helpful for the recipient. The Gmail plugin also lets users track vital details, such as whether or not the recipient has opened an email the user sent.

    Miscellaneous Technology

    Beyond some of the common apps listed above, there are a variety of tech tools at your disposal. For example, technology platforms can make a big difference when it comes to helping businesses with cash flow. When you use a third-party app that integrates with your business's app or online payment system, you can easily begin to offer credit solutions. A balance API can help you check balances securely and discreetly, ensuring you get paid and your clients avoid unwanted fees.

    When it comes to invoicing, you can use software apps, or if you want more control, you can find a free invoice design tool that allows you to fully customize invoices to match your business aesthetic, and then quickly send PDFs for payment.

    Also, a scanning app that allows you to scan documents from a smartphone can help reduce paper and clutter in your workspace.

    Save Time and Money With Small Business Apps

    When you take full advantage of all the tech tools available, your business will save time and money, and you’ll be able to turn your focus to the bigger picture: growing your venture!


    New Year’s Resolutions for The Workplace

    Posted by Carrie- 30th December 2021

    As the year goes by, we often find ourselves falling into regular work routines. Get up, go to work, go home, go to bed. Wash, rinse repeat. We become a little too comfortable with our day-to-day life, and forgot to go the extra mile to improve our careers. You’re never going to get that promotion if you’re putting in the bare minimum effort. But with the start of a brand-new year, we all get the opportunity to make some much needed adjustments in our professional lives. Here are some helpful tips on how to make some healthy changes that could help grow your career.

    Apply for at least 3 jobs a week

    Even if things are going well in your current position at your company, there could always be a better opportunity out there waiting for you. Studies show that job hopping is the rising trend and employees who stay with a company longer than two years earn 50 percent less over their lifetime. Applying for a few jobs every week keeps your options open, and improves your resume building skills. Which brings us to our next helpful tip.


    Regularly update your resume

    Let’s be honest, unless you’re currently looking for a job, you aren’t regularly modifying your resume. Which means there’s potentially a lot of missing information that could prove only beneficial for you to list. Consistently updating your job history is very important so that you’re not left scrambling to gather months or even years’ worth of information about what you did for a company. No matter how hard you try, you’re not going to remember it all unless you write it down. Another thing to consider, is that your previously used verbiage or format may not be as great as you once thought it was. Try researching modern resume styles and seeing if yours is up to par.

    Revamp Your office

    Is your desk pad falling apart? Or are you struggling to keep your conference room tidy and arranged? Why not use the fresh start of the new year as an opportunity to redecorate your office! The Elegant Office offers a wide variety of beautiful and high-quality office accessories at an affordable price. From conference pads to coasters, they’ve got everything you need to give your entire office a stylish new look and get organized.


    File, sort, and organize!

    That mountain of paperwork you’ve been avoiding isn’t going to sort itself. Time to make use of that shredder in the copier room. Or if you can’t simply dispose of those old papers, find a way to file them that works best for you. The Elegant Office has a great Black Leather File Sorter that would be perfect for holding documents you need readily available without doing tons tedious of searching.

    Earn certifications

    Think of certifications like yes-cards. Having newly learned capabilities can only create more opportunities for you in the workplace. Maybe your company is looking for someone who knows CPR or a second language. Learning these skills in your free time could result in a pay raise when you are able to apply them to your career. Coursera offers many affordable online courses that can help grow your career and make you a more versatile employee. They even offer a 1-week free trial on many of their programs. There’re also many other companies out there like them that offer online classes based around your schedule.

    All of this information is a good start to advancing in your career. But never forget to work hard and strive for greater things. There’s always room for improvement. Remember to have a safe and happy new year!

    Tips and Resources to Help Your Small Business Succeed

    Posted by Carrie- 13th December 2021


    As a small business owner, you get to be your own boss. While this gives you loads of freedom, it also means you're responsible for every aspect of your business' success. From admin to human resources, IT, and marketing—it all starts with you. Feeling overwhelmed? Don't stress! This resource guide The Elegant Office can help novice entrepreneurs get off on the right foot.

    Handle the Administrative Components of Business Foundation ASAP

    A great idea alone isn't enough to start a business. There are some logistical hurdles you'll have to address.

  • Understand your competition in the marketplace by conducting a competitor analysis.
  • Register your company as a formal business entity, like an LLC or a sole proprietorship. Research the structures to determine which one is best for you.
  • Firm up the details of your business’s organizational structure in a business plan. This guide can help you write one.
  • Look into different ways to get the funding you need to get your business off the ground, from angel investors to bank loans.
  • Invest in Technology to Support Long-Term Growth

    Putting cash towards cutting-edge tools can improve operational efficiency and save money in the long term.

  • Nurture a collaborative team spirit by giving your employees user-friendly collaboration tools to foster teamwork.
  • Rely on project management software to keep everyone up-to-date regarding project deliverables and deadlines.
  • Create a custom logo that’s unique to your brand. You can do this yourself with a free logo maker tool courtesy of Adobe Spark.
  • Look to automation tools to eliminate mundane tasks from employees' workloads, freeing up their time for more complex duties.
  • Get an omnichannel customer service tool that you can use to manage and reply to customer queries and complaints promptly, ensuring satisfaction.
  • Make Marketing a Top Priority

    Marketing is the key to boosting your brand profile and gaining customers. Without customers, you wouldn't have a business.

  • Build a strong and unique brand to stand out from other companies in your field.
  • Your website is the cornerstone of your business' online marketing. Look to top-quality business websites that got it right for inspiration.
  • Use social media marketing for a cost-efficient means of reaching more consumers.
  • Implement email marketing to nurture a loyal customer base.
  • From the type of business structure you choose to the technology you invest in, your decisions as a business owner impact your success. It's important to do your research when making these choices. Trust the resources above to guide you down the right path.

    To level up your office or conference room space, look to The Elegant Office. We offer a beautiful selection of leather desk accessories, desk blotters and conference table pads. Check out our catalog today!

    The Elegant Office 2021 Gift Giving Guide

    Posted by Carrie- 20th November 2021

    The holiday season can be busy enough without having to worry about what gifts to get your family and friends. Below are some ideas that we have come up with to relieve you of your holiday shopping stress.

    For Dads, Brothers, And Husbands

    The Elegant office carries some fantastic wood and leather products, that will blow the guys in your family away. Our personal favorite is this Walnut and Black Leather 8 Piece Desk Set. It comes with a beautiful 34 x 20 desk pad, letter tray, pencil cup, memo holder, letter opener, business card holder, double pen stand, and a letter holder. This set is perfect for the home or work office, and will keep your desk tastefully organized. You can also purchase these items individually, in smaller sets, or get them personalized with name initials or a company logo.


    For Moms, Sisters, And Wives

    For the women of your life, we recommend checking out some of our more bright and fun color options. This colorful desk set for example, is very eye catching and looks adorable with the small roses imprinted on it. Additionally, this desk set is very reasonably priced, and will leave room in the budget for nice pens to go into the set. Included in this set is a 32 x 16 top rail desk pad, a letter tray, pencil cup, paper clip holder, and a sticky note holder that can be stood up to be used as a cell phone holder. Also, the paper clip holder can be used for storing a wide variety of items such as jewelry and small office related items.


    For The Coworkers, Neighbors, And Employers

    When you’re not sure what to buy these people for the holidays, you can never go wrong with an organizational gift! A good example of that would be this leather bonded portfolio, called The CEO. It comes with pockets galore for storing business cards, credit cards, pens, papers, and it even holds a letter sized writing pad. This sleek and portable portfolio will be great for someone on the go who needs to regularly take notes throughout their day and keep track of their personal documents. This item comes in black and is made from bonded leather to create a strong and durable product. Even better, you can add a company logo to the front. Your boss won’t soon forget what a wonderful gift his favorite employee gave him.


    For The Techies

    For the computer and tablet lovers of your life, we recommend one of our gorgeous mouse pads or tablet holders. The Elegant Office carries high quality mouse pads in several different colors. This one for example, is our Burgundy Bonded Leather Mouse Pad. Made with bonded leather and red stitching. Plus, it’s now only $22.


    Below is our Classic Black Leather Tablet Stand. This item comes in black, and is made with top grain leather for the best of quality. This is a perfect gift for someone who regularly works from their tablet.


    Hopefully this guide has given you several ideas for your holiday shopping list. Be sure to check out The Elegant Office for all your gifting needs. Happy holidays everyone!

    How To Create a More Relaxing Work Environment

    Posted by Carrie- 10th November 2021


    Having a visually calming office can often fall short of being a priority for many businesses, especially smaller ones run by a staff wearing many hats. But taking the time to improve your office decorum can really pay off in the long run for you and your staffs mental health. Below we have gathered some helpful tips on how to find more peace while in your office.

    De-clutter your desk

    You'd be surprised how much your messy desk can be stressing you out and making your job much harder to do. Try filing your paperwork in a way that makes things more convenient for you. The Elegant Office sells a variety of desktop organizers that will make finding what you need take half the time, so you can focus on the more important tasks at hand. Never again will you waste time looking for critical documents scattered across your desk once you've gotten organized. De-cluttering your desk can also be a way of showing your coworkers and employer that you are on top of your work. An organized desk says to people that you are a calm and responsible employee.

    Personalize your office

    Creating a unique office environment that satisfies your decorative taste will keep you feeling serene and better able to stay focused on your work. The Elegant office offers the option to personalize most of their products with your initials or even an entire logo. You can also try bringing in photos of loved ones, hanging a motivational poster, or even sitting a small plant on your desk. Sometimes it might even just be best to completely rearrange the layout of your office. There could be a much more functional office layout for you that you're not aware of, and could really improve your organization, which will then make you more productive.

    Make time to exercise

    It is recommended that you get up to stretch for 5 minutes at least once an hour while working. If you don't have the time or patience to regularly stretch, try at least going for a brief walk to the water cooler, or maybe now is a good time to go check in with your supervisor and see if he has something else, he needs you to accomplish. Taking a short walk will keep you from staining your eyes staring at your computer screen, and also prevents you from feeling restless and agitated. Plus coming to your boss instead of the other way around, will make you seem more helpful and a bigger asset to the team.

    If you continuously try to create a less stressful place to work, you will enjoy your career more, and improve your interactions with your superiors. This also should increase your productivity as well as your mental health.

    The Elegant Office sells a variety of desk accessories and desk sets that will make finding what you need take half the time.

    Practical Tips for Managing the Assets of Your Small Business

    Posted by Breanne- 05th August 2021


    Running a small business requires you to wear several hats at once. Even when you come into the game well-prepared, you might be surprised by how many responsibilities are involved with the "business" side of things.

    For example, you have to handle a lot of different accounting practices in order to stay legally and financially sound. And part of your accounting responsibilities will be to track and manage your current assets, such as your inventory of products. Asset management can be a tedious process and it requires you to establish a system that works efficiently for your operations. Below, we've assembled a few practical tips and resources for how you can start planning your asset management if you've yet to do so.

    Need the finest desk accessories, desk set, or desk pad for your office? Visit The Elegant Office for high-quality office products!

    Stay organized.

    The first step of tracking and managing your inventory is to separate your items into groups. The categories you choose will depend on what type of products you sell. For instance, if you sell arts and crafts supplies, make a category each for painting, sewing, and bookbinding items. If you run a coffee shop, separate your retail coffee beans from your bakery items.

    As you categorize your inventory, keep in mind the asset management software you will be using. That way, you can ensure that you group items together in a way that makes your inventory tracking and management easy. Once you've categorized your inventory, mark the tag of each item accordingly.

    Use tech.

    As previously mentioned, you'll want to use software for your asset management in order to keep up with your inventory efficiently. The old way of manually tracking assets via pen and paper is simply outdated and inefficient. Plus, it leaves too much room for human error.

    There is no shortage of software on the market that can help your company manage its accounting practices. For example, an online platform like QuickBooks Time will help you keep your employee shifts organized, whether the shifts are rotating or fixed. You can save a significant amount of time with easy repeated scheduling and update shifts as needed, ultimately ensuring you comply with labor laws.

    When it comes to software that is specifically developed for asset management, there are some considerations to make before choosing a particular product. For instance, you want a platform that will help you manage a variety of assets (e.g., current, fixed, IT, etc.), rather than just one type. Also, depending on your business, you may want to perform a thorough asset audit every six to 12 months, so look for software that will make the process easy. And be sure the software you invest in is both configurable and customizable.

    Protect your data.

    Finally, nothing is more important to running a business than protecting company and customer data, and cybersecurity stretches to asset management. Hackers and other types of cybercriminals are just as likely to target small businesses as they are larger corporations. Why? Because they assume smaller companies don't have the same resources and protection.

    Make sure you're using top-notch cybersecurity software to work in conjunction with your asset management system. Moreover, limit access to sensitive information to only a handful of employees, and ensure your team is trained and knowledgeable of your security protocols.

    If you run a goods-based business, few things are more important than managing your current assets. Follow the tips above on implementing effective asset management techniques and choosing the right software, and make sure you are doing everything you can to protect the data of your business and customers. Being able to account for your inventory will go a long way in helping you keep up with your customers' needs.

    Starting a New Home-Based Business? Here Are Three Ways To Create The Perfect Workspace

    Posted by Breanne- 30th July 2021


    Starting a home-based business is an exciting endeavor. Having the ability to finally pursue your passion on your own terms is something most people only ever dream about. As you prepare to formally launch your new home-based business, one of the biggest decisions you'll need to make is where your office/workspace will be located within your house.

    If you are still undecided as to how to create the perfect workspace, the expert team at The Elegant Office recommends three exceptional options that you should consider.

    Move to a new home

    Certain home-based business ideas require ample space to be fully realized. When you have large equipment, a staff of people who'll be helping you out, or a sizable inventory of products, your current residence may not suffice.

    Rather than paying expensive monthly rent on an office or brick-and-mortar space, consider moving to a new home. If you know that you'll need more space, begin researching prices on homes that will allow you to have enough space for your office and storage. As you begin to crunch the numbers, you may find that the purchase could be a big win for your personal and business finances.

    If you plan to take advantage of the benefits of a business structure like an LLC (e.g. limited liability, tax advantages, less paperwork, flexibility), and are moving from out of state, be sure that you review all applicable rules. States have different regulations around registering an LLC, so check New Mexico's requirements before moving ahead. Also, in addition to preventing a costly mistake, you can avoid hefty lawyer fees by filing yourself or by using a formation service.

    Redesign an existing room in your house

    Is there a room or space in your home that could make a great fit for your business but still needs a bit of work? Often, a simple redesign can be exactly what you need to avoid the cost of moving.

    When choosing this option, aim to be as strategic and efficient as possible. First, create a list of what you'll need to effectively run and grow your business. This will prevent you from buying furniture and storage solutions that ultimately won't be the best fit. Next, decide how you can optimize your space. Do you need to clean and declutter before adding anything else to the room? Or will your first move be adding storage and shelves for inventory? Prioritize what needs to get done, and create a timeline for completion. Upgrade your workspace even further by decorating with artwork, plants, and fun desktop storage.

    Remodel your home to customize your workspace

    One of the best options for creating the perfect workspace for your new home-based business is a custom remodel. Hiring a trusted contracting group to remodel a specific area of your home will allow you to do exactly what you want with your space without compromise.

    Some ideas for renovating your home include knocking down walls to expand your office/workspace, adding new flooring, replacing closet doors, building or expanding your inventory storage area, or creating a dedicated space to meet with clients. When it comes to remodeling, there are truly no limits as to where your creativity can take you.

    Another important consideration to make when choosing the best workspace for your home-based business is future growth. It is easy to focus on the here and now, and forget that your business could grow rapidly in the coming months and years. When you aim to balance your present and future needs, you'll be in the best mindset to choose the right workspace solution.

    If you're looking for items to make your home office truly stand out, look no further than The Elegant Office. Call 866-433-7573 today!

    Aesthetic Office Accessories and Why You Need Them

    Posted by Breanne- 15th July 2021

    Find out why the world is moving towards more pleasant offices below!

    Office workers all over the world, whether they work from home or in an office, are increasingly using office accessories to personalize their workspace.

    Before we get into where to find beautiful, one-of-a-kind, and useful office accessories to make your cubicle or desk look more organized, the question of why we need these accessories in the first place arises. Let us look at the reasons listed and explained below.



    1. It improves your perspective on your own space.

    The primary reason for using aesthetic office additions is to make your cubicle or home office more beautiful. There are a variety of workplace enhancements available in today's market that can improve how everything looks to your specific specifications and needs. Whether your heart desires a sleeker and more modern look for your office or your eyes discover that a more rustic look is a better fit for your office, office accessories and decor will give your workspace the look that you envision, down to the smallest details.

    2. They are both functional and appealing.

    Another important aspect of using office accessories - in fact, the reason they were invented in the first place - was to provide office workers with a more organized working environment. Office accessories for your desk, such as pencil holders, desk organizers, and pen stands, all work together to make your desk space more neat, tidy, and organized, allowing you to do your best work while maintaining a clean working environment. Working in a more organized environment will result in less frustration, increased efficiency, and increased productivity because you will spend less time searching for your favorite pen in a cluttered desk drawer.

    3. They make you appear more professional in front of your clients.

    Consider the following scenario: You've been working long days and even longer nights to close a deal with a particularly profitable client. It is the day of the contract signing, so you invite the client up to your office and offer them a drink – as you walk down the hall from the elevator, you ask if they prefer coffee or tea. As you open the door for them, the spotless, clean, sleek, and modern appearance of your office makes a great first impression. "You have a lovely office!" They make comments and smile at you, and as they sit in the visitor's chair while you prepare the documents, they notice the embossed company logo on your desk items and the gold accented double pen stand, which gives them confidence in their decision to work with you. Office accessories can make that all-important first and last impression to close the deal of a lifetime.

    4. Office accessories can save you time.

    When you are in a time crunch, a cluttered desk where you cannot find what you need quickly is a nightmare waiting to happen. You can find what you need at a moment's notice if you have the right office accessories that complement your working style. Desk pads with pen holders are useful for those who like to take quick notes on phone calls with distinct types of clients. Furthermore, you should always have a pen within reach. Instead of scrambling to find a pen on a cluttered desk when it is most needed, this can be useful. Fumbling to open an important letter with rips and tears, risking damaging a document inside, is no longer an option – a letter opener, is far superior to your fingers at doing its job because it was designed specifically for this task in your hand.

    5. There is a possibility of increased productivity.

    An office-wide installation of beautiful and aesthetically pleasing office accessories for each of your employees to use has the potential to boost your office's overall morale. An appealing office environment will make your employees feel like they are working in a stimulating environment, which may lead to increased productivity over time. With customized office accessories, the company's morale among employees can also be boosted. Excellent quality products will reduce the number of misplaced items while also keeping the workplace neat and tidy.

    6. The ideal present for someone in your life.

    Office workers constitute a sizable proportion of the tertiary workforce. You certainly know someone who works at a desk job. Office accessories are often the safest bet for any type of special occasion, such as Father's Day or Christmas, a birthday or for a special person or people in your life, or even just to make someone feel good about receiving a new gift. Even the dreariest cubicle desk jobs will feel a lot brighter with a small token of your appreciation at work. A gift for an officegoer who sits at their table will remind your friends, family, and loved ones that they have an incredible person in their lives.

    7. Office accessories can help you represent your true self.

    Each of us has our own distinct sense of style that, while like others, is also one of a million. When designing the look of your office after being promoted from a cubicle desk job to your own office room, it is important to design it in a way that represents what you genuinely believe in. Modern office workers may be drawn to sleeker office accessories with silver accents and are more likely to gravitate towards darker colors such as deep brown or black. Those with more traditional attitudes may be drawn to traditional and classy gold accents and colors such as mocha. These subtle hints give everyone who visits your space an insight into your mind, vision, and, most importantly, work. Choose the right office accessories to show off and flaunt your true self.

    8. Simple accident prevention is now available.

    Our counter tops, whether made of plywood, wood, or glass, deserve to be properly cared for. The possibility of coffee mug rims staining your workplace is always present, and in that case, preventative measures must be taken. Coasters are a nice touch to make an office space look fancy while also preventing bottom rim stains on your expensive desks, in addition to proper maintenance and cleaning routines with the appropriate cleaning tools. Coasters, which are made of various materials including leather, can keep those tiny droplets of various beverages from ruining your professional image. These are especially useful for unvarnished, easily stained woods.

    9. Office accessories and accessibility.

    Office accessories are intended to be more than just decorative accents. Indeed, many office accessories, such as tablet or phone holders, reduce stress on the human body while also being readily available when needed. Those suffering from chronic illnesses can benefit from having easy access to their required stationary in organized compartments. Purchase high-quality office accessories that will make your office employees' lives easier even while they are working.

    10. Travel accessories

    Some types of stationaries are designed for officials who are constantly on the move, whether it is a walk down to the local coffee shop or a first-class international flight. Identification card holders are especially useful in workplaces where ID cards are used daily for identification and security. Providing these for your office goers to take with them on their various journeys across town or across borders, with your company's attractive, embellished logo, will make a great first impression, especially for international business flights and meetings with top management executives of potential partnership firms. Travel bag tags, sleep masks for long-haul flights, and passport holders are also useful.

    We hope we have been able to explain why office accessories are more than just a necessity, but also why their elegance adds value to your workplace and daily life. Several of these items are available from The Elegant Office – visit our website to learn more about our company and place your order for your workplace today, and we hope we can assist you in enhancing your elegance. More informative blog posts like this can be found on our website at

    How to Create a Client-Friendly Home Office

    Posted by Breanne- 25th June 2021


    When you're running a business from home, you need an office where you can work comfortably and productively but also meet with clients when necessary. Decorating your home office is a chance to convey a professional image to your clients. Even if you limit your contact with clients to virtual meetings, the right home office décor will make a great impression on your valuable customers. Certain home office features will further ensure that your guests feel comfortable visiting your home in the wake of the pandemic.

    Here are some home office design tips from The Elegant Office to help you design a safe and welcoming environment for your clients!

    Legal Considerations

    Before welcoming clients to your home, ensure that your business — and your personal assets — are safe from liability in the unfortunate event that a client has an accident on your property. You may be personally liable if something happens to a client at your home. Incorporating your business as a limited liability company (LLC) is a great way to protect yourself! If you don't want to hire a lawyer, use an online formation service to file your formation paperwork and get the process underway. Just remember to review your state-specific LLC laws before moving forward.

    Establish a Safe Path to Your Office

    Creating a client-friendly home office starts outside. First, make sure your clients have a safe place to park their cars within a close distance to your home. Create a straightforward path from this parking space and be sure to prune back shrubs and remove tripping and slipping hazards from the path. If stairs are involved, ensure they feature proper railings and non-slip surfacing. Ideally, your home office would have a separate entrance so that clients don't have to walk through your home to get to you. This will also make clients feel more comfortable visiting during COVID-19.

    Create a Comfortable Meeting Area

    There are many different ways to organize your office furniture for in-person client meetings. For example, you could position your desk so that it faces the open room and place a couple of comfortable chairs in front where clients can sit. This setup works great for serious business transactions but may feel too formal in other situations. Use your best judgment! If you'd prefer to meet face-to-face without a desk between you and your clients, set up a separate seating area just for client meetings. Whatever layout you choose, be sure to maintain a six-foot distance between everyone to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

    Choose Appropriate Décor

    Whether you opt for in-person or virtual meetings, the décor you choose for your desk and surrounding office will convey a message to your clients. Make sure it's the right message! Computerworld recommends an uncomplicated background for Zoom calls. You don't want your décor to distract your clients from the meeting, or worse, cause offense. Choose simple, elegant desk accessories that reflect the professional side of your personality. For example, a leather desk set, desk pad, and pen stand will offer a sense of luxury to any desk setup. Less is more here. Avoid cluttering your desk and office walls with artwork, trinkets, and photos. Keep it minimal and professional!

    The key to running a client-friendly home business is separating your business and personal life as much as possible. Try to make your home office feel like a professional workspace. Keep it clean and organized, leave household clutter at the door, and incorporate professional decorative accents to show your clients that you mean business!

    Are you looking for office and desk accessories? For stylish and professional décor, check out the selection of high-quality office products on The Elegant Office shop.

    COVID-19 Pandemic

    Posted by Breanne- 12th May 2020

    Even in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic, our customers have helped to keep us up and running. With a lot of people working from home these days, our desk sets provide that touch of elegance and class needed for a professional home office. Our personalization options really add a personal touch which makes our products a wonderful gift for any occasion.

    Our team has been working on new product ideas to help our company grow with the changing times. A new one recently released is our Black Leather Lap Desk. This item is perfect if you are currently having to work from home and haven’t set up your office space yet. It’s great for laptops. This product’s durability makes it easy to use anywhere in your home.

    Debossing & UV Printing

    Posted by Breanne- 3rd Apr 2020

    As a fairly new employee to The Elegant Office, my knowledge on the debossing and UV printing process is very limited. Today I know more about our products and the logo procedures than I did nine months ago. Every day I am learning something new. For example, I’ve noticed that our customers tend to lean more towards having their logo debossed rather than UV printed.

    Debossing, not to get confused with embossing, is done by first creating a metal die of the customers logo. The die is then mounted onto a machine and heated to a specific temperature. Once the desired temperature is reached, the die is pressed into the leather or leatherette product creating a debossed logo. This method of branding has proven to last the longest.

    Customers prefer this method because it brands high-quality office accessories with their logo. This enhances the professional look of their work environments. Of course, companies that have a bright and colorful logo, like Google, tend to want their brand UV printed. With our UV printer we can create stunning, full-color logos that easily catch anyone’s eye. The final product is absolutely fabulous.

    Color and Design Trends

    Posted by Melinda- 6th Jun 2017

    Color and design trends change; we see this shift in the contemporary materials and colors being used in meeting spaces and offices. It’s no wonder that the popularity of  Conference Table Pads continues to expand along with these advances. Their minimalist design and clean lines make them especially versatile, either adding an elegant layer in a traditional boardroom or a sleek appearance in a contemporary setting. Their practical use has application protecting wooden table tops or offering an ideal writing surface on stone or glass.

    To keep up with the growing needs and requests of customers, we’re pleased to announce two new colors now available in the  17” x 14” Conference Table Pad size – Gray #P4215 and White #P4415. Gray is another neutral so it easily blends with lighter and darker hues of the same or as a complimentary color accent. It goes without saying that bright white pads bring high contrast and a modern feel – a great accessory for vibrant, sleek backgrounds. They also provide the ultimate blank canvas, ideal for our new full color printing options (more on that later!).

    We recently worked with a client who needed to outfit their new boardroom. Their beautiful marble table top takes center stage in the room. After viewing samples, they chose the  Gray Leatherette Conference Table Pads as their next accessory. I think anyone would agree, these add a stunning layer which highlight the veining of the stone, rather than distract or hide that unique and organic feature. Each pad was  debossed with their logo adding a sophisticated touch that personalizes each guest’s experience, when seated at the table. The end result is a breathtaking room, each component compliments the other. Most importantly to us however, is knowing that our client is pleased. That’s the best conclusion.

    The same idea of using natural stone as a table top is also being implemented in the office, to create elegant workspaces. The look can vary and be influenced by the “movement” found in the stone. For those looking to make a statement, significant patterns may be chosen to give a bold impression. On the opposite side of the spectrum, little variation may be selected to create high-end appeal. In either case,  desk accessories can soften the space and help create a comfortable, organized work area.

    I first saw this statement piece when working with this CEO to determine the best color to accessorize his desk. Once that variable was known, he listed the items that would be useful in his daily routine. Many of the products were stocked, so they shipped right away, but others were custom made. Now that the components are assembled, the look of his office is memorable. The combination of these organic materials, stone and top-grain leather, seem to go hand in hand. The leather enhances the color and character of the stone making it an ideal pairing.

    We understand the need to match or accentuate your furnishings and interior space. Our knowledgeable team is available to assist by providing swatches or samples to ensure that you're thrilled with the finished product!

    Choose a Conference Table Pad - Sizes

    Posted by Donny - 13th Jan 2017

    Accessorizing a conference room isn't always a simple task! If you're like most people, you haven't put much thought into the different types of accessories and table pads that are available today. Decorating a conference facility isn't something most people do very often, so it's understandable if the wide range of available accessories seems a bit overwhelming. Which type of table pad will work best for the way you use your conference room? What pad or placemat size will  work best on your table? How do you choose the best material? If you haven't spent a lot of time and effort researching conference room accessories, the answers to these questions aren't always obvious. Here at The Elegant Office, we've been working with our customers to create outstanding conference environments since 1999. We're happy to offer some unique tools that let you leverage our years of experience and product knowledge!

    Table padsmats, or placemats  are almost always the first accessory customers add to their conference facilities. Choosing the right size and shape can be tricky, especially when shopping online. Without seeing the products in person, it can be tough to visualize the pads in-use on your table. This purchase is an investment, and you want to get it right the first time. We offer a tool that’s proven to help many clients make a more informed purchase: our Conference Table Renderings. Here you’ll find illustrations showing a range of tabletops in different sizes and shapes with conference table pads. These renderings are drawn to scale, so it’s easy to see the number of seats/pads and the spacing for each. If you don’t see the table size or shape that replicates yours, let us know and we’ll gladly create a rendering for you. The images below provide a comparison…the rendering to actual product in place.

    The approach we take with our clients might not be what you’re expecting from an online retailer. We’re here to share our product knowledge and offer complimentary services designed to aid in the navigation of options and determine what best suits your needs. Expert help and guidance for decorating and accessorizing your conference room is just one of the many perks of working with the sales team at The Elegant Office. Being able to speak directly with an experienced professional is a priceless tool that is hard to find in today's market. If you are seeking to outfit your conference room or workspaces, please do not hesitate to call us today - 866-433-7573.