Desk Pad Styles

If you're looking to accessorize your office or work area, a desk pad is an excellent starting point. Whether you refer to them as desk pads or blotters, they serve a practical purpose by protecting the surface of your furniture and creating a smooth work area. Additionally, these leather mats are aesthetically pleasing and suitable for any environment. Designers and decorators speak of adding layers to warm and personalize a space. Desk pads are an easy way to accomplish just that.

The collection we carry is made by Dacasso®. Their desk pads are available in two primary styles; with rails or without rails. So what is the difference?  The term “rails” refers to the raised panels on either side of the desk pad, or the single panel at the top, called a top rail.  One style isn’t better than the other; it’s simply a matter of preference. Both are constructed the same way, using a firm core which adds strength and weight to the pads, and in turn, increases their durability. All are handcrafted using premium materials and the attention to detail is evident. If you're outfitting an executive's suite or finishing your home office, you can select from Dacasso's line of desk pads with confidence.

desk pad with rails

Most side rail desk pads offer the option of using blotter paper if desired, and provide a place to tuck small notes. Those that secure blotter paper are noted as such. Side rails are made from top-grain or bonded leather. The writing surface is coordinating, premium leatherette which makes this leather item available at a lower price point. The bottom of all Dacasso desk pads is finished with a velour type fabric, designed to protect the surface of the table or desk

desk pad without rails

Desk pads without rails offer a smooth, flat surface. This look can easily be placed in a traditional room or paired with contemporary furnishings. It’s a newer design, so it might not be as familiar as pads with rails, but the style is gaining in popularity. Each pad is seamless; the surface is a single piece of leather or leatherette material that is wrapped on all four sides.  As with Dacasso’s railed desk pads, the underside is covered with the same velour material to protect the desktop from scratches.