10 Seat Gray Leatherette Conference Room Accessory Set

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The shortcut to a nicer conference room.

  • Outfit, organize, and protect your conference room
  • High-quality construction and materials
  • Add the finishing touch

Some people just have a knack for picking the right shortcuts to take. They're usually the ones that are heralded for their smarts, their efficiency, and their prowess at the given task. Phrases like "I can't believe Julie got it done so quickly" become daily parts of the office scuttlebutt. Then there's the rest of us, the normal folks that aren't spoken of in reverent tones around the watercooler. For us, shortcuts are a little more hit-and-miss. Taking that side street to work in the morning, skipping the school zone traffic? Good shortcut. Saving travel-time over Spring Break by taking the kids to Chuck E. Cheese's instead of Disney World? Poor shortcut. Taking the good shortcuts and skipping the bad ones is what separates the paragons of project-completion legend from the rank-and-file. We aren't in a position to patch things up with your children (although we'd recommend the Park Hopper passes), but we can give you a major shortcut assist. If you are tasked with sprucing up the conference room, we've got a shortcut that's guaranteed to put your name on the heroes of productivity list at the watercooler, and save a bunch of time and money to boot. No singing rats involved!

Your conference room needs organization, decoration, and furniture protection. You could spend weeks searching high and low for the perfect products to fit each of these 3 needs. Or, simply purchase one of Dacasso's 23-piece conference room accessory sets, and cross this project off of your list for good! This complete set comes with everything you'll need to get your conference table up to snuff. The black leatherette set includes 10 of our best-selling conference table pads, 12 matching coasters, and a unique holder unit designed to keep the pads and coasters neatly stored on a credenza when not in-use. All of the pieces in the set are built with a fit and finish that really must be seen to be believed, using high-end materials that are designed to stand up to the rigors of daily use for years to come. The rigid internal cores of the pads and coasters won't ever curl or warp. The gentle felt backing keeps table finishes pristine and scratch-free. The leatherette surfaces provide a rich, classic, high-end look at a price point that's absolutely unheard of. Conference visitors will love how polished and put together your conference room looks. You'll love how your new accessories are durable, easy to care for, and are a downright bargain compared to refinishing the table. This complete set is such a comprehensive solution, your officemates will assume that you formed an exploratory committee, contracted an interior designer, and commissioned a report from a furniture surfaces engineer. They don't need to know that all you had to do was purchase this single set!

Extra credit

You've given the conference room a facelift and functional makeover in record time, and stayed significantly under your budget. With your smarts and efficiency on full display every time the conference room is used, it's officially time to sit back and basque in the glow of oohs and ahhs from your coworkers. But wait...now that you've delivered so far above and beyond expectations on this project, how will you follow your own act? We won't leave you in the lurch, there's plenty of room to grow from here! Our selection of matching accessories is a great place to start. Is coffee often served in the conference room? Consider a matching piece to organize all of your cups and supplies. Are meeting attendees always searching for writing pads, paper clips, or a stapler? Take a look at our matching office supply organizers. Adding your logo to conference table pads and coasters is another really popular option, and the absolute best way to set your meeting spaces apart from the crowd. We can deboss your logo directly into the surface of your accessories, giving your brand a super high-end appearance. Call our experienced team for more information on the process, you'll be shocked how fast and inexpensive it is for a custom logo. Don't worry - if anybody from your office calls, we'll swear that the whole thing was your idea!

Warranty Information

Warranty Information

Manufacturer's Limited 5yr Warranty


18 in x 15 in x 4 in


This gray contains no undertones or color gradients. The color is even and consistent on all pieces. The texture is smooth, soft to the touch and the finish has a minimal sheen.



Bottom Material

Protective Velveteen

Material Description

Leatherette – this synthetic material is an extremely popular and durable option that makes a worthy contender for those shopping on a budget. It is a manmade product with a simulated leather grain for an authentic look.

Care & Cleaning

Dampen a cloth using watered down mild liquid dish soap. Wipe with the damp cloth, then follow with a dry cloth to remove any moisture. Do not submerge in water or rinse under running water.

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