Black Crocodile Embossed Leather Desk Set, 10Pc

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Make your desk a pleasant place to be!

  • Classic styling and composition
  • Perfectly matched accessories
  • Stunning build quality and materials

Monday morning. With visions of the weekend dancing in your head, you commute to the office. As you get closer to work the thoughts of barbeques with friends, playing with the kids, and that triumphant football victory start to fade. More and more you are overcome with the image of what lies in wait for you - your desk. Your barren, antisceptic, disorganized desk. The desk of an Orwellian drone, devoid of personality and joy. A predator whos lust for sapping your inspiration has gone unsated since Friday, poised to pounce at the first sign of creativity, individual thought, or productivity. By the time you park the weekend is just a wistful, bittersweet memory. You begin a long day of vapid, uninspired routine with the quiet resignation of one who has faced the ugly visage of that desk all too many times before, your will to fight its happiness-robbing ways growing weaker by the week. OK - maybe reality isn't all that dramatic. Still, consider how much nicer it could be to take a seat in front of your desk each morning. What if you were greeted by a rich, warm, welcoming environment? What if your workday began with an orderly desktop? What if this little corner of the office could be uniquely yours, a beautiful place with a personal touch? We'd bet that having a more pleasant place to work would mean a happier, more productive you, and a much less traumatic Monday morning!

Converting your desk from soul-stealing to pleasant doesn't have to be a difficult project. Enter this complete ten-piece desk set, the easiest and most convenient way to add a super-sized injection of happiness to your office! Built by Dacasso, this set comes with a great selection of popular organizing accessories. You'll have a convenient place to keep all your important supplies and documents close at-hand. The included business card holder, letter trays with stacking posts, double pen stand, letter holder, pencil cup, memo pad holder, and library set are great organizational accessories on their own; but when combined they team up to give you a comprehensive and effortless system to keep everything right where it needs to be. The 34x20 inch desk pad ties everything together on your desk, giving you a great work space and writing surface. All of the included pieces are made with an amazing combination of crocodile-embossed top-grain leather, suede lining, and felt backing. This set's construction and attention to detail borders on artisinal, it really can't be fully appreciated until you see it in person. The crocodile finish is equally at home in both traditional and contemporary surroundings, and gives just enough panache and personality to the set without being garish or over the top. As a one-step cure for the common desk, this complete set just can't be beat!

Spread the good news!

You've overcome the dread of your own desktop horrors; now you march confidently to your office each Monday morning, secure in the knowledge that a welcoming, pleasant environment awaits you. Don't keep your newfound office joy to yourself, spread the happiness to the people on your gift list this season! Desk sets are an outstanding gift idea for the notoriously hard-to-shop-for person on your list. Consider what gifts you'll be giving to dads, grads, bosses, new homeowners, new business owners, recent promotees, retiring associates, employees, clients, etc. A complete desk set is a unique gift that many folks don't think to buy for themselves, yet it's something that will be used and appreciated year-round. Make this the year that you break out of the gift card rut, give them a thoughtful gift that will make every day at the office just a little bit better!

Warranty Information

Warranty Information

Manufacturer's Limited 1yr Warranty


34 in x 20 in x 0.5 in


The color of this leather is even throughout. The slight sheen accentuates the texture of the leather.


Crocodile Embossed Cowhide

Bottom Material

Protective Velveteen

Tanning Process

Crocodile Embossed Leather – is leather that has undergone a heat stamping process, to create a textured pattern which resembles crocodile leather. As a result of the high heat, a slight sheen is apparent on the surface of the leather.


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Black Crocodile
Crocodile Embossed Leather
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