Desk Blotter Paper Refills

Durable Desk Blotters

Desk blotters act as protective pads against the unwanted stains and marks on the table which would arise due to the writing or spilling of ink. The Desk blotter keeps the table tidy and maintains a professional decorum. However, in order to ensure desk blotters to perform at their best, it is necessarily required to stuff the pads with right blotting paper sheets. Carefully picked blotter papers can not only add the finishing touch to your desk pads but also serve the purpose of providing a note taking space.

Being the most reliable and reputable vendor in the region for office supply, we claim our blotter papers to suffice the functional requirement of your desk blotters in place. We are far ahead of the pack in terms of winning customers’ trust with our products supply. We have a range of blotter papers in stock that has been designed to fit almost any size desk pad. Though blotter papers available at ‘The Elegant Office’ can suffice your refiling requirement for all models and styles of blotters, in some cases or models, you may have to trim blotter papers around the corners to ensure a perfect fit.

Whether you have leather desk blotters or you are using rubber desk protectors to keep office desks stain-free, our blotter papers can add a bit of flair and personal style to your workplace apart from sufficing your functional requirement.