Conference Table Pads & Mats

Choose the Best Style

You’ve made the decision to upgrade the look and function of your boardroom or meeting space. How and where do you begin? There are a few things to consider that will help define your needs and in turn, determine the products that are best suited for your office. Let’s take a look…

Daily or Occasional

Clarifying how often your room is used is a great starting point. Will your table be put into service daily or is that space reserved for occasional use? If your conference room will see visitors daily, our most durable options will be found under the Conference Table Pad collection. Rooms that are used from time to time, are well suited for our lighter weight, budget friendly Table Mats.

Laptops or Lunches

The type of equipment in use on your table is another factor worth considering. If laptops and binders are the norm, our firm core Conference Table Pads will be the surest means to your desired results. They’ll do double duty over business lunches as will our collection of Placemats. Once thought of solely for use in dining rooms, our Placemats have proven to be a versatile option offering our slimmest profile and a cushioned feel.

Style & Size

Certainly the style and size should compliment your furniture and decor. Our most popular conference room accessory, the Conference Table Pad is offered in multiple sizes to suit the needs of tables large and small. The seamless wrapped edge style is a classic profile which has proven to blend in any environment. If you prefer the look of a stitched edge, Placemats and Table Mats provide several options in both leather and leatherette in addition to product size.

Pad, Placemat, or Mat?

Table Pad Style Comparison

Our conference table pads and mats are grouped into three collections; Conference Table Pads, Placemats and Table Mats. Each collection is constructed differently, using different materials so the uses for each vary. To view our Table Pad Comparison Guide, click the link below. Or contact us to discuss your needs!

Compare Styles

Desk Pads & Blotters

Choosing a Desk Pad

The look of a desk pad is differentiated by the rail, the raised panel on either side of the mat. Some offer a single rail along the length of the desk pad, at the top, thus the term "top rail". All Dacasso® desk pads are constructed with a firm core, which gives each mat a sturdy feel without adding bulk. But the optional rail provides the ability to create the space that works for you.

Side Rails

Some prefer the look of the rail, as well as the ability to slide paper beneath it. It will secure blotter paper over the writing surface, or provide a place to tuck small notes. Not all pads with side rails offer the option of inserting paper.


Side and top rails are constructed in top grain leather, bonded leather and wood/leather. The writing surface of these pads is a coordinating, premium leatherette material which allows us to offer a leather desk pad at a reduced price point. The underside of all desk pads is finished to protect your desk.

Mats Without Rails

Desk pads without rails offer a smooth, flat surface. This look can easily be placed in a traditional room as well as paired with contemporary furnishings. It’s a newer style, so some might not be as familiar with this option as those with rails, but the style is gaining interest. Each pad is seamless; the surface is a single piece of leather or leatherette material that is wrapped on all four sides.